Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

Since no one really reads this but me - I'm going to now take the opportunity to do one of the things I set this site up to do. I'm gonna bitch.

And Groan.

And Moan.

And Complain.

And I don't care how much of a baby it makes me look like.

Because on the one hand, I love my job. I'm lucky to have my job. I don't ever want to work anywhere but there.

But - on the other hand....I work with some selfish, two-faced, back stabbing, nasty bitches. It's so much like going back to high school it makes me want to vomit. Quite honestly, I didn't really enjoy high school that much. . . so re-living it now is so far from on my Bucket List I couldn't see it with a high powered set of binoculars.

Since no one reads this but me - I'm going to name names. But on the off off off chance that someone I know reads this, I'm going to change the names just slightly. Let's start with Laurie.

Laurie is a childish, vindictive bitch. She has no life, no friends, no - ehm...personality. Which probably explains the life and friends problem. She somehow got herself a husband - but I have a feeling it's all about being taken care OF for him. ANNNNnnny way - Laurie will claim to love you one day, and will appear to hate you the next. She speaks in this sing-song high pitched childish "LISTEN TO ME" voice that makes the hair on my neck stand strait up. She will do anything to make herself look good, as long as it's noticed by a member of management, but will turn on a dime if they aren't around to see what she's doing. She's lazy, two faced - and about as irritating as irritating can be.

Melanie is Laurie's sister in law. Laurie wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire - but poor Melanie is so ignorant she doesn't see that. I think Melanie basically is a good person, but since Laurie is dragging her around by her nose, she is unable to think for herself.

Then there is ....ehm....BEATRICE. WHAT A BITCH. She spends her time fooling around, wandering the building, gossiping, doing everything she can to make herself look busy when in fact she is as far from busy as she can be. Now mind you, she is SUPPOSED to be busy. But she finds ways to do as little as is humanly possible, and manages to collect a paycheck that is WAY more than mine!

Next is Natalie. It must be nice to be Natalie. Natalie comes in about 20-30 minutes late. Sits in her nice big office with a window and does....ehm....I don't know what all day. Then goes home. She doesn't speak, she doesn't acknowledge. She

I try really hard to do a good job. I love my folks. I come in early, I rarely call in sick, I stay the entire amount of my shift, I speak, I acknowledge, what you see is what you get. I don't stab anyone in the front - let alone in the back. And my check is a mere pittance. No one says thank you - except for the occasional consumer - management doesn't acknowledge a job at least done right, let alone done well, I sit in a tiny, hot, windowless office and work as hard - and most of the time HARDER than most everyone mentioned in this particular post. And yet, I love my job.

Too bad that love doesn't extend to my co-workers.

( that isn't to say there are SOME that I love to death. Tina, know who you are. LOL)

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