Friday, September 10, 2010

Givers and Takers

There are two kinds of people in this world. Givers – and takers.

I have aspired to be a giver in my life. I have been known to give my last dollar to someone who claims to need it. I never give anything with the expectation of getting it back. If you are that kind of giver, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. No- I am the kind of giver that knows in no uncertain terms that I will not be receiving anything in return – except for the feeling of satisfaction from knowing I’ve helped someone.

That being said – there is nothing in this world worse than someone who gives a sob story – you helping – then finding out it wasn’t really true – and they are off with your (money, time, objects, whatever it may be) with no regard to you. Those are takers. I can’t stand takers.

For example – I had a friend call me last night and tell me she was on her last penny and needed gas in her car so she could go to work today. She stated she gets paid today – and she would gladly come by and drop off the $ she was asking for this afternoon if only she could borrow enough for gas to get her to work. “How much do you need?” I asked. “Well, gas is pretty high now, maybe $20 bucks till tomorrow afternoon?” she returned. “I think I can do that” I replied. “ OH thank you, I’ll be right over” she exclaimed.

She must have been in the parking lot at the school across the street, because less than 5 minutes later she was at my door.

“ Oh thank you, I don’t know what I would do without you!” she smiled as I handed her the $20 dollars. “You’re welcome, see you tomorrow after workish” I say in return. “Absolutely” she smiles again and practically scampers to her car. I had not noticed until then, that the car was still running, and someone was in the passenger seat. I wasn’t able to see who it was, but did wave back to them when they enthusiastically waved through the sun roof.

I closed my front door and smiled to myself knowing I had done a good thing.

Later on, as I was catching up on “The Big C” I thought to myself “ I’m alone….I should go pick up some dinner and bring it back rather than to make a mess in the kitchen” so – I head over to a local eatery where my patty melt and fries are waiting in a nice Styrofoam container – and as I am getting in my car – I glance across the street and what with my wandering eye do I see? MY FRIEND coming out of the liquor store carrying a case of beer and toting some lottery tickets.

My friend the taker.

My friend the LIAR.

Not sure I can call her “friend”. Maybe I can call her – the taker the liar? I don’t know.

This will not discourage me from giving. I think I am a giver by nature. But it might make it necessary for me to think a little harder about who I give to, and why.

I hate that it has come to this.

It’s easier to give when you believe everything you hear.

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