Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday

Well the weekend is over and it's the beginning of the work week again. I am going to stray from the normal one topic rambling post and make a few observations from my weekend;

* Just because they MAKE an outfit in your size doesn't mean you should
wear it.

Now let me clarify- I'm a big girl. K? So I GET it. We're big, and we still want to be cute - don't we big girls? But the problem is - for the most part they don't make cute clothes for big girls. So the layered- strappy- tanks- with -bra -straps -showing look doesn't make a big girl look cute. Not in my opinion. And I'm not talking about a size 18 big girl. I'm talking about a 5x big girl. Which for all you skinny people out there is 10 sizes BIGGER than a size 18. K? K!

* The legacy of music we are leaving for our grand children is embarassing.

So while I was getting ready to go to the Fever game, I had the tv on in the background, and on PBS they were showing "The Great American Songbook". It was a retrospect on the history of popular music from the early 20th century to about the 1950's or so. Let me just say - when you hear Lena Horne sing "Stormy Weather" it should make the hair stand on your arms. And if it doesn't, then you have no taste. From the great Irving Berlin, George and Ira Gerswhin, Fred Astaire, Benny Goodman, Judy Garland and of course Frank Sinatra came the legendary songs that make a person ~~swoon~~. What legacy are we leaving for future generations? "GA GA OOH LA RARA" Lady Gaga and " I wanna be a millionaire, so frikkin' bad". THAT's something to be proud of. I'm just sayin'.

* If you are in line in a crowded restroom and you need to go really bad, you
should ASK before you cut in line, or not be offended by the names people

call you when you do.

At the Fever games I try to not use the public restroom if I can help it. It's a weird thing I have with public restrooms. Like, a little bit of a phobia. So normally you won't find me waiting in line for a public potty. BUT - the Fever game went in to overtime, and my bladder was busting by the time it was over. SO - I step in to the ladies room, and apparantly bladders everywhere were full to the brim, because the line was exceptionally long. Now - women - we know how to behave in a full bathroom line. We don't ignore the people in line. Yes MEN, we actually make small talk while we wait. "Great game, huh?", "why yes, it WAS a great game. How about that Tamika Catchings?", " I know right? MVP, I say..." and we take our turn getting in. Well - when someone cut in line and took the first open stall the line went nuts. "HEY B*#$%! WHO you think you are? I been waiting a long time!" " Yeah, S*$# Head! Wait your turn". And the person who cut in line had the nerve to be upset. Really? Wow.

* No matter how old you get, a home made icecream sundae is a treat
worth indulging in on a Sunday evening before bed.

I know, I know. I probably WOULDN'T be a big girl if I didn't eat ice cream sundaes before bed. But, two scoops of vanilla with dark chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, nuts and a cherry on Sunday evening before bed was a fantastic way to top of my weekend. So sue me.

How was YOUR weekend?

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