Friday, October 22, 2010

Sister Wives

Okay, I admit it. I watch Sister Wives. But I sure don't understand it.

Have you seen this show? It's about a polygamist in Utah. It's a reality show that follows this dude Kody and his now 4 wives Meri, Jeanelle, Christine and the newest addition Robin.

This guy is a kook!

Not only is he a little bizarre....but look at him. He's kind of a  freak.

If you take a minute to watch this show you will see that he clearly has ADHD - and the wives all appear to be brainwashed. They all look in to the camera with glazed eyes and plastic smiles and say " there's enough love for every body" and hug each other and ooze sweetness and maple syrup. And he's got a boat load of kids. Like 13 or something, plus Robin has 3 from her first marriage. They all live in this house with separate quarters for the 3 wives, Robin has her own house and Kook - I mean Kody bops from bedroom to bedroom every night.

I want to know what he does for a living - cause that's a LOT of groceries. He drives a Lexus ( among other vehicles at the house) - and they appear to be doing quite fine thank you. It's just weird.

I am of the old school that says - I'm married to my man - that means YOU can't be married to my man so get the hell away from my marriage. I can tell you right now there is no way on Gods green earth I could ever share my husband with another "wife". I know for 100% certain that I am way too jealous for that.

And yet - I watch. Because I am fascinated by how other people live their

Maybe I should just go back to the Kindle....


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