Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Falderol

* It's Friday and boy am I happy about that. Even though I am getting off work and jumping right in to a different kind of work - taking care of my lil' man - it's still not the work that makes me work myself into a frenzy during the week. It's not the work that you feel is not rewarding - and only a Jay oh bee - not a fulfilling career. It's just taking care of my lil' man - and that is oh so rewarding.

* Have you ever known someone that every time they speak to you you tune them out - nod your head and smile while imagining choking them till their cute little heads just pop right off?

* We ate tacos for dinner last night. Black beans with cheese, fiesta lime rice....mmmmm. Of course we made way more than two people could eat ( the boy was out with friends) so of course to avoid waste we ...ehm....polished it off. So now - coworkers beware - crop dusting could very well become my second job today. I've had WAY too much beans and cheese.

* I KNOW that's TMI. So sue me. It's my blog I'll talk about what I want. Even gas from too much fiber for dinner. Get over it.

* My sweet husband is taking me out for dinner tonight. He said I get to choose where we are going. Hmmm....I'm thinking seafood or steak.....I realize it's the butt crack of dawn as I write this, and who thinks about dinner at the butt crack of dawn? Well I do, so....seafood or steak? I dunno.

* I'm hoping to get a lot done at work today. I spent most of yesterday afternoon laughing my ass off at my dear, wonderful , hilarious friend Tracy. Okay - not AT her. WITH her. She is somewhat of a news junky - and found in the news whilst perusing that there is such a procedure as restoring ones virginity. For a price, you TOO can have your hymen replaced. Oh for Pete's sake don't be so squirmish. It's just a body part - like penis's and vagina's...and ears and uvulas. ANY-hoo- ifn' you got a hankerin' to become a virgin again - just pay for it to be surgically replaced. VOILA! INSTANT virgin. Now - why on earth someone would want to do that is beyond me - but I'm guessing some people would feel young and rejuvenated having to go through the ....ehm........experience of a first time sexual encounter all over again. I - for one - am not in the least bit interested. If'n $1000.00 is too high a price to pay for surgically restoring your innocence, you can order an IMPLANT of sorts from China - only $15.00 and you get your CHOICE of commemorative keepsake box - plastic or WOOD. BUT WAIT - if you order in the next 10 minutes you get TWO Hymen Replacement implants for one low price. ( just pay separate shipping and handling). Okay - I made that last part up. You don't get two .

* And yes I know Japan is whirling from the Tsunami/earthquake. Yes I know it's headed for the west coast. Yes I am worried about it. Yes I am praying for them all. Geeze. I'm not a COMPLETE bitch.

* Seriously - I am praying for them. I can't imagine that kind of devastation. Where I live - it's tornado alley. So we do have natural catastrophes here. But not of this kind of magnitude. So - I'm counting my lucky stars today - and praying for Japan, Hawaii and the west coast.

* Happy Friday - ya'll.

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  1. I have a friend in Japan that I am still waiting to hear from. Praying he is okay.

    And, seriously, wow. I am having difficulty processing the hymen issue. I'm betting someone who claimed to be a virgin and is about to get married and have to prove it would go this route. But, wow, really?