Tuesday, March 29, 2011


1. I need someone to show me how to make my blog attractive. I don't know how to do it and it's driving me crazy. Does anyone out there know how to make a blog look good?

2. Does anyone out there know how to teach a 25 year old male to think of someone other than himself? How to realize he is not the only human being on this earth?

3. Does anyone out there know how to make said 25 year old male stop being such a slob? I didn't raise him to be a slob but for some reason he is one anyway and I can't stand it.

4. Does anyone know how to make a chocolate layer cake that isn't full of calories and bad for you stuff?


  1. 1. I just play around with the Blogger templates. I don't really know what I'm doing.
    2. No, but if you figure it out please share.
    3. Tell him that every time you have to pick up his stuff you're going to sell it on ebay -- then do it. Or stop feeding him.
    4. Again, no, but please share if you figure it out. That sounds really good right about now. Maybe if you spend enough time cleaning up after the 25-year old male you'll burn off the calories.

    Sorry. Good luck. And enjoy your cake.

  2. 1. I'm not sure that I'm much good at making blogs attractive, but you could try adding pictures.
    2. I've not had to deal with 25 year old males (other than myself 28 years ago). I don't even have to deal with my 23 year old step son as he lives with his father and doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with us. There is a book that some people call "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" that can sometimes help.
    3. He may grow out of this eventually (I did) but it will take a while.
    4. No, and if you ever figure this one out send me a piece.