Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Flip Side

Vacation was fantastic.

We went to Las Vegas, and had an excellent time. We got there really really really late Friday night the 6th - so it was like - 3 a.m our time and I had been up nearly 24 hours. I was cranky - hungry - my sugar was low and I was completely exhausted. We managed to get a little snack - some sleep and woke up in a much better frame of mind on Saturday.

We stayed at Harrahs. Harrahs is sort of in the middle of the strip - with Imperial Palace, Flamingo, Ceasars, Treasure Island and Mirage really close by. We spent Saturday getting the lay of the land - figuring out what was around us - where the restaurants, bars and rest rooms were - and just got settled in. Saturday afternoon hubby had to get registered for the conference so I was on my own. I just sort of shopped a little in the tacky tourist shops and played a little slots - we then had dinner and called it an early evening.

Sunday was Mothers Day. After a nice conversation with all my kids on the phone - and of course the obligatory call to my own mother, I went into the casino and settled in. After about - 10 minutes - I won $800.00 on a dollar slot machine. Happy Mothers Day to me! Then on Monday I won $500.00. Then on Wednesday - I won $1800.00 in a dollar machine! I spent total about 30 dollars to win over $3000.0!!! It was excellent.

Because of the win, we were able to have a really really really nice meal at a hoity toity steak house, we were able to get tickets to the Blue Man Group *(which BTW was FANTASTIC! If you ever get a chance to see them - DO)*, we were able to see the Titanic exhibition, the bodies exhibition - and I got a kick ass tattoo that is 10 times what I had ever hoped for.

My husband and I connected again. We were relaxed, we were together - there were very few times we even got cranky. I didn't think about work - or the drama that is my life - or anything. I just got lost in the lights and sounds and fun of Las Vegas. It was excellent.

Came back to work to a big mess. Of course.

Came back home to the family in big drama. Of course.

But I don't care. I have decided to concentrate on my own well being and stop worrying so much about others. Do I still care? Of course. Am I going to keep trying to save the world? Not so much.

Lets see how long this lasts.

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  1. Connecting with your husband. Relaxing. Leaving all the drama behind. That makes it all worth it. Best wishes staying above the fray and taking care of you!

    And congratulations on the monetary wins as well. That doesn't hurt.