Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's About Gestures...

Not the kind of gestures that would get you in trouble - like thumbing your nose at someone. Or - Heaven forbid - flipping the "bird". Not the kind of gestures that people make when they are having an animated conversation, flailing their hands all over and wiggling their hind ends. We're talking about gestures of another kind. Not physical gestures - what I like to call love gestures.

It just dawned on me the other day that when my sweet Son made a love gesture to his sister - it spawned a different kind of love for me. You see - a few Christmases ago - my Son was really suffering. He was fighting some inner demons that had him in the throws of a huge depression. He was drinking alot, being very selfish, and was breaking hearts. Not just my heart, or his Dad's heart - but the hearts of some poor unsuspecting women. He was miserable. Just watching him self destruct made everyone around him miserable as well.

Then - Christmas came. He was working and felt like he wanted to shower those that he loved with gifts. I'll never forget the look on his face when he told me about the gift he had chosen for his sister. He said - it was beautiful, just like her. He said - - - " When I first saw this Mom - I thought it was so PRETTY - so beautiful like her, she had to have it." His eyes had a look of wonder, of excitement, of - love.

The gift was a bamboo curtain with a huge butterfly painted on it. It definitely was beautiful - but not exactly my daughters "style". She didn't appreciate the gesture the way I did. He was disappointed. Of course.

I have always loved butterflies. But since that moment - that moment that she opened it and I saw what my Son found to be as beautiful as his sister - I have been almost obsessed with butterflies. I have decorated my craft room with them, bought butterfly necklaces, and have even gotten two butterfly tattoos.

It was a gesture. It was a gesture of pure love. I have decided that life is about that. It's about gestures.

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  1. Hey chicky...I told you I read them. I totally understand about those kind of people. But you shine....and don't let them put your light out. or get under your do what you do because your soul wouldn't let you do any less. I feel bad for those who can just walk through life wasting so much of themselves. You invest yourself....someday it will come back ten fold. If not in people r stuff, it will be in that feeling you have that you have accomplished something awesome with you day or planted seeds of love in the people you meet. Can the twits say that the faces of others light up when they walk in a room?? You give those people joy.