Friday, August 13, 2010

Long Shot

You made the call
I watched the door to see you coming through
And every time it was a warm September wind that blew
then on the air that drifted in the faded smell of denial
See, I don't know so I won't ask I think it's best that way
can't be held responsible for what you didn't say
so let's pretend that I'm not me and it's not you for a while

This cigarette I'm pulling on
that second pint that's nearly gone
this hand that's sliding down my leg

(Chorus)If there's one right thing you've got to do
don't do it tonight
and for once enjoy the view just out of the light
if there's one last kiss we've got to have
let's have it tomorrow
it's a long shot, but a chance I've got to take

It's fair to mention from the first that
when you touched me there
you're starting something that I'll finish
so just be aware
and if you mention one more time we could be soul mates I'll die

it's easy now when I look back
they call that "retrospect"
if I had known that night would have such a ripple effect
I might've been more likely just to let that sleeping dog lie

This T.V. set we're dueling on
my fighting words are nearly gone
there's something sliding down my leg

(repeat chorus)

I foresaw the day when you would come and make it clear
some things do better where you found them
so we'll leave it here
I'm only crying ‘cause this cloud of smoke is burning my eyes
and ever since the times when I am standing close to you
I see the person that you are, the one I never knew
Do you ever feel me anymore or are you too high?

Ready get set here we go
what's been going on? I don't know
I've been standing tall on my last leg

(repeat chorus)

It's a long shot, from a world away
in a time slot, on a passing day
you're a long shot, but a chance I've got to take

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