Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm This Kind Of Girl

I'm this kind of girl:

* That if you ride my bumper I will more than likely take my foot off the gas. You haven't seen slow YET mister!

* Will let the phone ring at least 3 times before I answer it - even if I am sitting right by it. I figure if whomever is calling truly wants to talk to me they will wait that long. If it stops ringing before that, it must not be that important.

* That doesn't leave her house without hair done and make-up on. Ever. No exceptions.

* That wishes I had a job that would allow me some creativity, and the ability to really help someone with that creativity. Whether it be art, or music, or writing - I just feel like I'm wasting myself.

* That if given a choice of Sweet N Low, Equal, Splenda or real sugar will choose Sweet N Low every time.

* Loves all the "reality" shows about medical things, tattooing, and traveling but couldn't care less about the Bachelors, being Lost, or the biggest loser.

* The kind that knows this could go on forever- so I'll stop here.

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