Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He's All Hitched!

My son is a married man now.

I had intended to update much sooner than this – but the wedding was Saturday – we drove forever and ever and ever and ever in the rain coming home from NYC on Sunday, and we were totally exhausted and trying to get unpacked and laundry done yesterday. It’s back to work today – and I’m still exhausted.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Tania – my amazing new daughter in law – is wonderful and I’m so very happy for them. Of course – as with any family function – my Mother had to show her ass. I can’t even describe with any sort of accuracy in this forum how awful she was.  She just never ceases to amaze me. Always gets drunk, always embarrasses me, always has to act like she is the most important person in the room  - and don’t you forget it. It was terrible.

And yet – I had lots of little moments. Sweet moments with my son. There was a point after the rehearsal that we were standing out in front of the venue waiting for a cab, and he took me by the hand and said “ Momma – lets walk a little” so we did. He cried. My big tall strong son broke down like a baby and cried. He said he was so scared. He was so glad I was there. He loved me. I will never forget that conversation as long as I live. It was very surreal to stand in New York City – with the traffic whizzing by, and all the people in the streets walking (practically running really) by – the honking of the cabs, the whistles of the bicycle messengers – and my 6’5’ hulk of a son sobbing and hugging me – saying “I love you Momma.”, as I pat him on the back whispering – “I know, I know.”

There was the moment before the ceremony when I pinned his boutonniere on, he said  “Thank you Momma. I love you.”, and gave me that smile that melts my heart. There was the moment when he was standing at the front waiting for Tania to come down the aisle and when he saw her – his whole face lit up with a beaming smile – and he turned to look at me, smiled and winked. Throughout the reception – every once in a while I would look around and catch him looking at me. I would smile and he would lift his glass and smile. When we had the customary dance with the groom and his mom, he said “thank you for coming all this way, Momma. I love you.” Of course I said to him “where else would I be?” And he just giggled. There was the moment where his favorite song came on –and when I heard it I looked around to see him groovin’ on the dance floor. He caught my eye and smiled. One of my favorite moments was when they were ready to cut the cake. I didn’t hear them announce that they were going to do that, so I was visiting with someone when I heard over the microphone “would the Mother of the groom please come to the front by the cake table?” So – I stopped what I was doing and went to the front and they were ready to cut the cake, he looked at me and said –“ I didn’t want you to miss it, Mom.”  And smiled. I cry just thinking about that little precious moment. And at the end of the evening – when we put them in a cab he waved out the window and yelled “ Bye Momma! I love you! I got MARRIED today!”

All those little moments made the 15 hour drive in the rain, the thousands of dollars, the tiny hotel room, the time off of work – all of it – worth it. He’s happy now. And so am I.

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  1. crying big crocodile tears...what a beautiful experience. And what a good boy!!!