Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm really not an expert

BUT....there are  a few things I know for certain :

*I know that the " do unto others " thing is still in effect. Even though lots of people don't even know what the "Golden Rule" is, they still have a tendency to abide by it. For instance -people respond in kindness when kindness is shown to them. On the same hand - hate generates hate.

*I know that you can't live in a pig sty and stay healthy. Nor can you have a teeny little baby live in a pig sty and expect them to be healthy and thrive.

* I know that while chicken nuggets might be tasty - they aren't a FOOD GROUP.

* I know that friends come and go - but family is forever. If  you have problems within your family you need to do whatever it takes to fix it. No matter how painful it is.

* I know that you can't help who you love. End of story. No one can tell you you are making a bad choice, they aren't you and don't know what your heart says.

* I know this is boring and I should stop here.

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