Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Testing Testing 123

Anybody here?


Well two things....firstly I am having some testing done to see whats up with my health. Nothing to worry about too much.

Secondly - Don't you hate when someone you care about dismisses your fears? I do. I hate when I am scared and worried and I talk to someone who should  give two shits but then they dismiss it and proceed to fill you in on all of THEIR stuff. Nothing like making a person feel 1 inch tall. This person does it alot. Not exactly sure how to handle it.

Guess I will just go about my un-important little life and pretend I don't notice. Yeah - that's the ticket.


  1. Yes, I hate it when people kick mud all over my feelings and then proceed to stomp on them as well. I try to limit my time with them, or at least the things I share with them, in order to protect myself. I deserve to be treated better. But then time passes and I give them another chance. Rarely does this turn out to be a good thing.

    Some people go through selfish moments or periods of their lives. When they really can't focus on anyone else. Other people are selfish by nature. It's not always easy to tell the difference.

    I will mess up and trust my feelings to the wrong person again. I'm too trusting that way. But I will also try to remind myself that it is their issue. I am a valuable person with important thoughts and feelings. If they can't see that, or find value there, then that is their loss. I will move on to those that see me as a person of worth. Those that build me up, that support me.

    It hurts when it's someone we love, but that doesn't mean we keep letting them hurt us. I hope you find more kindness in your life. I hope you feel valued. I value your thoughts and feelings. I am more because of the time I spend at your blog. You are important.

  2. Oh my....hope this isn't me, because I would hope you know just how deeply I care for you. But...I also don't want you to dwell on things that "could" be or "might" be. You are one the strongest women I know and no matter what the tests say you know that with a little help...it's all good in the hood girlfriend!! Love ya!!!!

  3. I think I've been kinda guilty of that sort of thing myself, but I am trying to improve. It's not that my problems are major, in fact they're quite minor (painful at times but still minor). I hope that you find out that you ailments are treatable and that you get well soon. :)