Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where Oh Where???

Where have I been? Well - let's put it this way......

I have been down in the back.

I had a spine fusion in 2000. I have been lucky and have had almost 11 years of relief. On Saturday - I was carrying my sweet grand baby to the bedroom to lay him down - bent ever so slightly over the crib and something went POP!! And down I went. ( After practically throwing my poor grand baby in the bed) .  I have since been unable to move hardly at all - and sitting in a desk chair to get online was ---well - nearly impossible.

I now have been to the doctor - have had films and MRI's - have prescriptions - have orders for a shit ton of blood work - and am on my way to being healthy. I hope.

So - if you missed me like a hole in the head - never fear - I'm back. If you didn't - well - all I can say is tough shit, bitches. I'm back. LOL


  1. Such language!!! Must be the pain...or that's just really how you talk. LOL Get to feeling better!
    Love ya!

  2. I hope you get feeling better soon. Life is tough enough without intense pain in the mix. Ugh! Sorry.