Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On Assumptions

We all know that cutsie little saying " you KNOW what what happens when you assume...it makes an ass out of u and me." Get it? Ass- u-me? Get it? yeah. I knew you would.

But assumption -in my opinion - is the mother of all screwed up relationships. Not just love relationships - like husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends - but all relationships. Because as soon as you assume you got it all figured out - you will find out you were completely wrong.

And - I hate when people make assumptions about me. For instance - just because I am a fat girl doesn't mean I am lazy, stupid  or that I sit around eating cartons of ice cream with a cookie spoon and following it up with a shot of milkshake. Don't assume - that I am stupid because I am a big girl. On the contrary - this big girl is very far from stupid. And naive? No way.

Don't assume that because I am nice to you - you can take advantage of my kindness.

Don't assume that if I show an interest in your life - that I am going to fix your problems for you.

Don't assume that because I offer to buy your lunch - that means I am rolling in money.

Don't assume that because I am laughing and smiling and offering my shoulder to you that it means I don't need your shoulder in return sometimes.

Don't assume that because I have four children, 2 daughters in law, 3 grandchildren, a husband and a handful of friends that I am not lonely.

Don't assume that just because you turned your head, or closed your door, that I don't know what you are thinking and/or saying.

Don't assume that behind this smile is happiness and joy.

And in return -I won't make the same assumptions about you.

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