Monday, August 1, 2011

On Forgetfulness, Crankiness and Irritation


Is that even a word? Well I don't care if it isn't because I can't hardly believe that in my last post ( rant - whatever) I totally forgot one of the things people say that like totally sends me totally over the total edge. Like totally. Like "TOTALLY" is so totally overused I am totally over it. Completely and totally. But - that's not the one. The one is....

"I need to axe you a question"  Axe? Axe? AXE? An AXE is an implement used for chopping. It is NOT the word that means "to inquire"...that word is ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSK. "A" ( as in CAT) "ESSSS" as in SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - "CK " as in "Crackle". Please people for the love of all that is Holy - STOP saying Axe. You are going to force me to find an AXE and do something that I can't take back. Really. I don't want to - so STOP IT.

Crankiness -

I don't know if I'm cranky, or just testy, or if people are just rude or what. But truthfully it feels like every person who is involved in my life - whether it's in a big way or a tiny way - has a mission. That mission is to make me feel like a moron. I don't understand it. I try to make the people in my life feel loved, and appreciated, and important totally awesome, dude. ( Couldn't help it. Sorry. ) But it seems that people don't really want to return the favor. They want to do everything they can to make me feel small, and stupid, and insignificant and unimportant. I don't really know what to do about this. Suffering in silence clearly has gotten me nowhere. Therapy helps, but obviously it isn't helping a lot or I wouldn't be complaining about it.  And it isn't just me - the people around me are cranky. I have seen the side of some people today that I would rather not have seen. I have seen some true colors, and frankly - I'm not amused - or impressed.

Irritation -

I am irritated. There. That is all.

Oh and my sweet granddaughter started kindergarten today. Time sure is flying by.

Okay. Now THAT is all.

I think.

Yep- it is.

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  1. My mother-in-law used to say "haint" instead of "hate." No matter how many times she was corrected. Once those pronunciations get in our heads they sure are difficult to get rid of. I'm TOTALLY with you on axe.

    I'm sorry it feels like everyone in your world is striving to make you crazy. I hope they let up. I hope you are able to express yourself in a way that lets them know what needs you have that aren't being met. And I hope they help out.

    I'm irritate and cranky, too. I'm starting to think it's my new natural state and I should just get used to it.