Monday, August 15, 2011

On Perceptions

I had a terrible week last week. I could, I suppose, dwell on it and go on and on and on about how I think I got screwed blah blah blah....but really? Why bother? It isn't going to change anything - and it's all about perception anyway.

Perception sucks. We all watch something and come away with our own opinion. What one person may interpret as rude- another may interpret as just loud. What one person may interpret as inflexible and unwilling to help - another may interpret as too busy and too swamped to help -sorry. What one person may interpret as gossip and rumor spreading another may interpret as nice wide shoulders that always have someone crying on them. What one person may interpret as stressed out, another may interpret as focused and worried about being all things to all people.

But - in the end it doesn't really matter. Because people are going to form their opinion, and no matter what - it just is what it is.

So today was day one of new ways of doing things. I have decided to just do my own thing, the very best way that I can and hope for the best. I can only do the best I can do - and if it isn't good enough - at least I know that I gave it the old college try. I didn't really enjoy it. But - it is for the best. Because like it or not - I have to work. I have to keep working. I wish I didn't have to - but I have to. There's nothing else I can do. . .

Other than that - had a pretty great weekend. My sweet grand baby came to visit yesterday - just in the nick of time. This granny sure needed some 9 month old chubby legged slobber kisses - and that's just what I got.

Hope ya'll are doing well. I'm going to hang in there...

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  1. And don't you think there is great power in understanding that we all see things differently and that doesn't mean either of us are wrong but that we can benefit from each other's point of view?

    I am eagerly anticipating the time when I will be a grandma. I'm guessing it's not too far into my future, probably under five years. I envy your slobber kisses.